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Piping and Pipe Bands

At Scottish Highland Entertainments we have a long history of providing Pipers and Pipe Bands for any occasion. With a competing piper on the staff we have over 30 years of playing experience and knowledge in this area to call on.


Our pipers have all been vetted personally by Scottish Highland Entertainments to ensure their standard of performance is at the required level in both musical ability and dress. After all, there are many pipers who look the part, but may not come up to the required playing standard. It has been said many times that the public do not know one piper from the next as long as they look good - this is not good enough for Scottish Highland Entertainments! When you get a good piper or pipe band you're guaranteed to know the difference.

Highland Bagpipers

The Great Highland Bagpipe is the instrument usually associated with Scotland. It is a Woodwind instrument played with reeds - a very temperamental beast! But in the right hands can change the mood of the listener from deep reflection when a Lament is played at a Funeral through joy and happiness when a March is played at a Wedding to exhilaration and reckless abandonment when a set of Jigs or Reels is played at a Ceilidh.

  • Dress - the normal dress of a Piper and Pipe Bands in the 21st Century is what we call Day Dress or No.2. uniform. Some pipers and bands (but not many) have a more formal uniform for events called No.1. Dress. The terms No.2 and No.1. come out of the British Army.

  • No.2. Dress >>> The preferred dress of pipers and Pipe Bands - this consists of a kilt worn with usually a black Argyle Jacket (sometimes with accompanying waistcoat) with a shirt and tie or alternatively for dressier occasions a black Prince Charlie Jacket and waistcoat with a dress shirt and bow-tie , leather or fur sporran, kilt socks with garter flashes and gillie brogues and topped with a Glengarry.

  • No.1. Dress >>> this is a ceremonial outfit and consists of a Kilt worn with a Tunic and a Full or sometimes half plaid, cross belt and waist belt, horse hair sporran, patterned hose with garter flashes with White Spats and a Feather Bonnet or a Glengarry with a Black Cock Feather. Due to its cost to buy and upkeep this uniform is becoming less common as it was back in the 1970's and before. As an estimate we'd say that only a handfull of bands in Scotland have kept it going.

Scottish Small Pipers and Redpipes

A different twist on the piping front is that of the Scottish Small Pipes. These are 'bellows' Pipes which produce a quieter, sweeter sound which can be used as background music for a reception or later during a meal.


Redpipes are electronic bagpipes which are played through an amplifier with the versatility that this can provide. They can be played by themselves or against sound tracks. They are ideal for a Drinks Reception where the volume level can be adjusted to suit the conditions. The sound ranges from the Traditional Highland Bagpipes to the more mellow Scottish Small Pipes.

Go to the Sound & Video page for a demonstration of the sound of the Small Pipes and Redpipes.


Pipe Bands

We have links to pipe bands across the country and can provide any number of bandsmen for your event. From trios to mini bands to full pipe bands. One of our events was a pre-cursor Cultural Event for the organisers of the Beijing Olympics where we supplied just two pipers and a drummer for a week long tour of the area around Beijing.


Massed Pipes and Drums

To end an event in the most stunning, breathtaking fashion, we offer our services in arranging anything from a Beat the Retreat with a single band to a Massed Pipes and Drums display; possibly 60, 80, 100 or more Pipers and Drummers playing as a single unit. The arrangement of such an event requires much planning and rehearsal but the end result can be a quite monumental, unforgettable, spectacle.

  • Such displays can be accompanied by teams of Highland Dancers performing in front of the Band during part of the performance

  • or perhaps with a spectacular Fireworks Display as a backdrop. 

The only factor limiting the scale of such a finale is the size of your venue and the size of your budget. As the fireworks die and the Band turns to march away from your Guests into the darkness, your transport draws up to return Guests to their homes or hotels. A never to be forgotten conclusion to your special event.